A few things we’re great at

Large-language models

We create bespoke applications leveraging large-language models.

Whether you are looking to streamline workflows leveraging out-of-the-box GPT models or build a completely bespoke solution building on foundation models, we have the expertise to deliver an end-to-end solution.

AI Safety

We help to ensure that your AI-powered application is safe for end-users.

We provide an expert red-team to probe for weaknesses and detect prompt-injection attacks.

We can advise you on best-practice to reduce your attack-surface against emerging AI threats.


We can help you leverage agent-based modelling, machine-learning and large-language models for systematic trading and risk modelling.

Our Team

Dr. Steve Phelps

Dr. Phelps is a hands-on CTO with over 20 years of experience specializing in AI-driven platforms, data analytics, and, more recently, large-language models. He has a proven track record of leading, mentoring, and delivering strategic AI solutions in fast-paced environments, with a recent focus on the integration of LLMs.  He is an active contributor to open-source AI communities and a notable presence in the international research arena, presenting at leading conferences and blue-chips including Google DeepMind. Adept at aligning technology strategies with business objectives to drive operational efficiency.

Dr. Kiran Kalidindi

Dr. Kalidindi brings over a decade of combined expertise in data science and derivatives trading. His six years as a data scientist, paired with four years as a technical business analyst, have been marked by consistent project delivery and impactful results. Notably, he developed a machine learning solution that boosted revenue by $18 million for a major blue-chip company.  Beyond business, Dr. Kalidindi contributes to academia with papers that apply machine learning and statistical analysis to topics like human decision-making and medical treatments.  Engage with Dr. Kalidindi for pragmatic insights and proven results in data-driven business strategies.

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